Specialist in IT contracting


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Talisman Talent supplies all admin and payroll services for all IT and Financial specialists. Full contracting support to let you focus on your core business. 

Talisman has fully service software to ensure compliant and full administration of all contractors and suppliers.

Talisman Talent is a recruitment agency and specialist in search and selection for all IT and Financial specialists. 

As recruitment specialists with a worldwide network and cooperations, Talisman can service in every country 

Worldwide recruitment and international Vendor Management Services for all contracting needs.

Talisman Talent is the international recruitment division of Talisman, talent when you need it. We recruit throughout Europe and the United States. We facilitate all other countries. As contracting specialists we use our worldwide network of IT and Financial specialists to ensure the best possible match. Talisman Talent is a service of Talisman Software, a Dutch based company.